Purchasing Registration Codes & Products

Purchasing Registration Codes & Products

Purchasing Products

To purchase Marriage Mentors products, visit the Strong Marriages Online Store. All Mentoring Resources can be found here:

Here are some changes that we’ve made to the ordering options on our Strong Marriages Online Store.
  1. You can now order Mentee Assessments separately from a Mentee Bundle. This will allow couples who are requesting to be mentored an opportunity to gain access to the Marriage Mentors™ Support System and for them to take their Connect Assessment® and Relationship Survey PRIOR to their Mentee Qualification Appointment. Each of the Mentee Assessments products includes two (2) codes — enough for one (1) couple. Bulk pricing is available.

  2. The Mentee Curriculum can, therefore, be purchased separately and includes all of the books, etc. that normally would come in a Mentee Bundle (but without the Mentee Registration Codes).

  3. You can still purchase the curriculum and two (2) codes together as a Mentee Bundle and save $10.

  4. The Mentor Training Workshop product for Mentors will continue to be purchased as a bundle. This product includes 2 Mentor Registration Codes.
Mentee Assessments

Mentee Curriculum

Mentee Bundle (save $10)

Mentor Training Workshop

Marriage Mentors™ Products

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