Viewing a Mentor Session Reports & Mentoring Process Overview (Admin)

Viewing a Mentor Session Reports & Mentoring Process Overview (Admin)

Mentor Session Reports contain important information for you to get a pulse of your Marriage Ministry, including if any Mentor Sessions require your attention.

The Mentoring Process Overview

Mentor Session Reports provide the basis for the Mentoring Process Overview. As Mentors complete these reports after their mentoring session, you and your Organization's leadership can better assess the needs of your Marriage Ministry and individual Mentor and Mentee Couples.

To view the Mentor Process Overview:
  1. From the Dashboard, click the "Mentoring Process Overview" button  
  2. Filter by Date Range. (This defaults to show Mentor Session Reports from the past 60 days)
  3. This will show an overview of all Mentor Session Reports for that Date Range
This list provides an overview of the each Mentor/Mentee pairing that has activity within the filtered Date Range and shows:

Mentor Names
Name of the Mentor Couple

Mentee Names
Name of Mentee Couple

Last Session
The date of the Last Session completed (according to the last Mentor Session Report submitted)

Next Session
The date of the Next Session (according to the last Mentor Session Report submitted)

Current Section
The Current Section they are studying in their latest session

Percent Complete
Percentage of how many of the 12 sections they have completed

Status added on the Mentor Process Detail page

Indication if one or more Mentor Session Reports include one of the following flags:
  1. Please Call
  2. Prayer Request
  3. Rededication to Christ
The Progress of the Mentee Couple (according to the last Mentor Session Report submitted)

The Mentor Process Details

To view details about a specific Mentor/Mentee Process:
  1. Navigate as above
  2. To view more details, find the Mentor/Mentee Paring and click the pencil/paper icon

Statistics and Sections
An overall picture a Mentor/Mentee Process

Comments on this Mentor/Mentee process
(These are not visible to Mentors or Mentees)

Session Report Alerts
A selection of who will receive Mentor Session Report E-Mail notifications. For more information on this setting, click here.

Session Reports
A list of each Mentor Session Report submitted. To view the details of a Mentor Session Report, click the date in the Session Date column.

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